Friday, March 6, 2015

Where to buy Gear for your Pit Bull

So, it's hard to find good gear that's long lasting and durable when you have a pit bull. That said, please check out the following places below where you can find awesome gear!

Where can I buy a weight pull harness?

There's a couple different places where you can buy a weight pull harness, the ones listed below are ones that I have personally dealt with and highly recommend.

Where can I find or buy really heavy duty dog collars, leashes, spring poles, weight pull sleds (aka drag sleds), toys, tugs, harnesses, and more?

I highly and only recommend Shack's Working Dog Supplies. Quality gear for a good price, and good people.

What's the best dog food brand to feed my dog/where can I buy it at?

There's not a best brand, per-say, but any thing high quality will be just fine. A few recommended brands have been listed below: (you can find this brand at Tractor Supply Company) (you can find this brand at just about any pet store as well as Tractor Supply Company)
4Health (they do not seem to have a website, however you can find their food at Tractor Supply Company or at a regular pet-store)

Other (brands I do NOT consider high quality, but still OK, depending on your budget and what you're looking for):

What's the best place to buy hog dog cut-gear for dogs?

I highly recommend Southern Cross Cut Gear. Awesome gear!

Where can I buy the best first-aid dog kit at?

Ready Dog has some great kits, highly recommend them.

Where can I buy game dog/pit bull apparel at?

The best place I've found so far is Scratch Dog Designs.

Where can I buy a good dog coat at?

We highly recommend Country Dog Coats. They make extremely high quality and heavy duty coats for dogs. They even make reflective ones. I like them too because a percentage of each sale goes to benefit a good cause.

Where can I buy a dog-backpack at?

Ruffwear is probably the best place for back-packs, in my opinion.