Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Blue Paul Terrier

"The Blue Paul"

"There can be little doubt that the Blue Paul: Now extinct, played some part in the makeup of the old-type Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Consequent American Pit Bull Terrier.

Being used exclusively for its fighting ability in Scotland during the mid 1800's, the Blue Paul's weighed in at 60 lbs in hard condition and measured in the area of 20 inches at the shoulder, and as their name implies they were of blue-ish colored coat, and blue brindle. Eye color was dark hazel.

It is said that the pirate, Paul Jones, imported such dogs from abroad and from that source the breed name springs. They were renowned for their fighting ability and were, no doubt, also taken to American dog fighting venues of the late 1800's where their qualities could be exploited by the sporting fraternity there.

This could very well account for some of the larger sized pit bulls emerging on the scene along with smaller ones from the late 1800's and on-words.

Occasionally, Blue Paul's came in brindle and red coloring with reds being named 'red smuts' in Scotland. By the early 1900's. there were no more of these dogs to be seen as such. It is quite possible that smaller size Staffords, which were faster moving then the big sort gained favor amidst the fraternity and cause there demise there by."

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