Monday, October 20, 2014

The Best Dog's I Have Ever Seen

The only way to defeat an animal is to finish them, but the will to live is so strong in this type of dog, that they'll refuse to surrender their last breath as long as the contest is still going! My friends will tell you that I call dogs such as these, freaks. They are what I feel the breed is all about, and I will only breed to such a dog. I know that there are many famous dogs left out, and it was partially intentional to let these dogs get their well-deserved glory. A good dog is where you find him, so for not to mention your dogs changes nothing. I left out so many of my own dogs, and Lord knows it hurt me to do that. To sum it all up, I return to the original question of "Which is the best dog I've ever seen?" I haven't seen one that hasn't been out done by another, so I guess I haven't seen him yet.

Gr. Ch. Action Jackson (the most efficient pit dog I have had the pleasure of witnessing).

Sudden Impact's Opie being bred to Boot Camp Click's Bunny (two very game dogs)

Upper City Kennel's Cookie 2xw (double-bred Steven's Rainey)

Black River's Tater Bug

- Lockdown Rudy 

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