Monday, September 8, 2014


Although I am convinced that pit dog men are wrongly accused of cruelty to animals by those who are not familiar with the America Pit Bull Terrier breed, I am very much against the fighting of a Pit Bull against a wild animal because, in such a situation, you have an unwilling participant or, in most cases, an animal that is simply fighting for its life.

Just as a point of interest, however, the little dog Jocko (previously referred to) was at one time pitted against a bobcat that actually outweighed him. Jocko tipped the scales at 28 pounds. The bobcat was kept by a saloon-keeper in Colorado. I'm not clear how they managed to weigh the bobcat, but he was reputed to weigh 35 pounds. Surprisingly, most of the men seemed to feel the bobcat might take Jocko, but he was reputed to weigh 35 pounds. Surprisingly, most of the men seemed to feel the bobcat might take Jocko, but then, none of the men were seasoned pit dog men. In any case, Jocko killed the bobcat very quickly by crushing its skull.

Pit Bulldogs are often used for hunting, and the general consensus seems to be that no animal anywhere near their size seems to have a chance against them. It might be of interest to know that writing done hundreds of years ago seem to indicate that it took three Bulldogs to kill a lion and four to kill a bear. That is still giving away a tremendous amount of weight, since three dogs would only weigh around a hundred and fifty pounds. I have a certain amount of skepticism about such statements, since it would be hard for the dogs to hold the lion there to kill once the big cat had decided to "break for it." I could certainly live with the statement that three Bulldogs could normally defeat a lion, although such things are only of casual interest to me.

Short and Tall Tales of the Pit Bull - Richard F. Stratton


  1. Bulldogs defeat a lion?

    Best you check the historical records, since such matches were done in bygone days.

    A case in Britain in 1825 where a tamed lion named Nero was pitted against , & mauled by several game dogs, - but barely attempted to defend himself & never bit his attackers in response, was followed by a contest wherein a lion named Wallace, a beast of known vicious temper - & he, simply, & savagely wrecked - with contemptuous ease - the best game pit dogs of the day, "like a cat with toying with a rat".

    The public outrage caused by newspaper reports of these events directly led to the outlawing of such activities in Britain.

  2. Spot on ...dogs were destroyed by the lion