Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pit Bull Friendly Apartments and Condos

HEADS UP: This list has NOT been completed with all 50 states. The reasoning to this is because this has taken me months to gather and I haven't had the time lately to finish this. When I find the time, which will be next year sometime, I will complete this list.

NOTE: I have decided to gather a list of pit bull friendly apartments and condos across the United States of America. I do not guarantee or promise that all of these apartments and condos are in fact pit bull friendly. When I was searching for pit bull friendly apartments and condos to list in this blog, the following apartments and condos listed below stated that they did not have any breed restrictions. It is very hard to find pit bull friendly or all breed friendly apartments and condos. I wanted to help some people out by hopefully helping you find a pit bull friendly apartment, condo or townhouse.

If you call any of the following places and they state that they do not allow pit bulls (ask for it in writing - ask for their breed restrictions in writing), please let me know immediately so that I can remove them from this list.

Here are some tips:

* If your dog is an American Bully, it's in no way, shape or form an American Pit Bull Terrier or "pit bull". An apartment or condo complex can in no way, shape or form restrict a breed of dog that is not on its list. I have never in my life seen an apartment or condo complex that lists the American Bully as a restricted breed of dog. Why? Because they think that the American Bully is a pit bull. If you prove to them that your American Bully is not a pit bull, they cannot restrict your breed of dog.

List of apartments, condos and townhouses that appear to be pit bull friendly:


The Abbey at Wisteria Crest (Hoover, Alabama)
(205) 413-4869

Autumn Village (Hoover, Alabama)
(205) 386-0239

Turtle Place Apartments (Montgomery, Alabama)
(334) 272-5404

Central Park Apartments (Montgomery, Alabama)
(334) 271-4663

The Pavilion Apartments (Montgomery, Alabama)
(334) 284-4795

Eagles West Apartments (Auburn, Alabama)
(334) 245 7937

Fieldcrest Apartments (Dothan, Alabama)
(334) 792-9700

The Woodlands Apartments (Florence, Alabama)
(256) 766-2165

Ivy Green at the Shoals (Florence, Alabama)
(256) 766-2165

Emerald Ridge Apartments (Huntsville, Alabama)
(256) 890-8880

Woodway Pines Apartments (Huntsville, Alabama)
(256) 536-3014

Main Street Apartments (Huntsville, Alabama)
(256) 895-9665

Madison Gardens (Huntsville, Alabama)
(256) 837-1974

Executive Lodge Apartments (Huntsville, Alabama)
(256) 830-8600

The Meadows of Bailey Cove (Huntsville, Alabama)
(256) 881-0775

Mountain Woods Apartments (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 942-6428

Panorama East Apartments (Birmingham, Alabama)
(866) 364-1083

Inverness Cliffs (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 991-0631

Autumn Wood Apartments (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 985-7400

The Highlands Apartments (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 581-0077

Cahaba Park Apartments (Birmingham, Alabama)
(866) 291-8725

Wildforest Apartments (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 871-0510


Green Tree Place Apartments (Chandler, Arizona)
(480) 409-0389

Summit Lake Apartments (Chandler, Arizona)
(480) 831-8000

Chuparosas Apartments (Chandler, Arizona)
(480) 292-7190

Cornerstone Ranch Apartments (Chandler, Arizona)
(480) 812-3000

Rock Ridge Apartments (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 742-2246

Pinnacle Heights Apartments (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 749-7300

The Greens at Ventana Canyons (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 577-9828

Huntington Apartments (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 885-8511

Aerie on Tanque Verde (Tucson, Arizona)
(888) 352-4289

St. Philips Corner Apartments (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 795-8387

Oakwood Terrace Apartments (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 622-2212

Aspen Leaf Apartments (Flagstaff, Arizona)
(888) 691-7235

Clear Creek Village (Flagstaff, Arizona)
(866) 471-4569

San Marina Apartments (Phoenix, Arizona)
(623) 848-1555

Zazu Pannee Park Apartments (Phoenix, Arizona)
(877) 475-7116

Rancho Sierra Apartments (Phoenix, Arizona)
(602) 482-2729

Deer Valley Apartments (Phoenix, Arizona)
(623) 492-0500

San Giovanni Apartments (Phoenix, Arizona)
(623) 866-0400

Allegro Apartments (Phoenix, Arizona)
(480) 705-4161

The Oaks Apartments (Mesa, Arizona)
(480) 621-6340

Sonoma Village Apartments (Mesa, Arizona)
(480) 833-2959

454 West Apartments (Mesa, Arizona)
(480) 699-8034

Indigo Springs Apartments  (Mesa, Arizona)
(480) 409-0450

Verona Park Apartments (Mesa, Arizona)
(480) 831-6253

Oasis Apartments (Sierra Vista, Arizona)
(520) 458-8321

Port Royale Apartments (Sierra Vista, Arizona)
(520) 458-8600

Las Brisas Apartments (Sierra Vista, Arizona)
(520) 459-2977


Sturbridge Square Apartments (Little Rock, Arkansas)
(501) 225-2310

Forest Place Apartments (Little Rock, Arkansas)
(501) 664-6172

Vantage Point Apartments (Little Rock, Arkansas)
(501) 664-5700

Warren House Apartments (Little Rock, Arkansas)
(501) 227-7316

Camelot Townhouses and Apartments (Pine Bluff, Arkansas)
(870) 536-5800

The Ridge at Meadowlake (Conway, Arkansas)
(501) 513-2200

The Pointe at Conway (Conway, Arkansas)
(501) 513-8310


Greenbrier Apartments (Anchorage, Alaska)
(907) 333-9624

Timber Ridge Apartments (Eagle River, Alaska)
(907) 726-1496


Acacia on Santa Rosa Creek (Santa Rosa, California)
(707) 537-7501

Del Nido Apartments (Santa Rosa, California)
(707) 542-2883

Sutter Terrace Senior Apartments (Roseville, California)
(916) 945-9512

Olympus Park Apartments ( Roseville, California)
(916) 781-6877

Action Properties (Roseville, California)
(916) 786-0649

Blue Rock Property Management (Roseville, California)
(916) 781-7000

Windscape Apartments (Roseville, California)
(916) 782-9696

Valley West Apartments (San Jose, California)
(408) 287-7325

Waterstone Apartment Homes (San Jose, California)
(408) 684-3784

The Park Kiely Apartments (San Jose, California)
(877) 790-5225

Amberwood Apartments (San Jose, California) - Services Animal Only
(866) 587-1041

Fairway Glen Apartments (San Jose, California)
(408) 926-3100

Hidden Willows Apartments (San Jose, California)
(408) 294-5333

Mosaic Apartments (San Jose, California)
(408) 212-0800

Village of Taco Apartments (San Jose, California) - Service Animals Only
(408) 866-7117

Westwood Properties (San Jose, California) - Services Animals Only
(408) 292-5174

Palm Valley Apartments (San Jose, California)
(408) 365-0871

Crescent Village Apartments (San Jose, California)
(408) 953-7400

Oak Terrace Apartments (Sacramento, California)
(916) 923-2224

Shore Park Apartments (Sacramento, California)
(916) 399-9167

The Villas at Fair Oaks (Sacramento, California)
(855) 431-4976

Crossing at Riverlake (Sacramento, California)
(916) 399-1022

Windward Village Apartments (Sacramento, California)
(916) 381-0371

Saratoga Downs At Sheveland Ranch Apartments (Napa, California)
(707) 255-3239

Riverwood Apartments (Napa, California)
(707) 252-1855

Lakeshore Apartments (Concord, California)
(925) 680-5250

Pine Terrace Apartments (Concord, California)
(925) 827-1700

Allegro at Jack London Square Apartments (Oakland, California)
(866) 615-9542

Woodcreek Apartments (Fremont, California) - Services Animals Only
(888) 325-7404

The Californian Fountain Apartments (Santa Ana, California)
(714) 546-6114

Reflection Apartment Homes (Fresno, California)
(559) 276-8883

Nees Park Villas (Fresno, California)
(559) 324-1824

Saint Doris Apartments (Fresno, California)
(559) 456-1095

Chateau La Salle (Fresno, California)
(559) 708-4645

Canyon Del Sol Apartments (Fresno, California)
(559) 892-0468

Pine Tree Village Apartments (Fresno, California)
(559) 298-3011

Villa Lucia Apartments (Fresno, California)
(559) 435-6503

Le Provence (Fresno, California)
(888) 317-2982

Castle Park Apartments (San Bernardino, California)
(909) 880-1828

Parkwood Apartments (Lancaster, California)
(661) 942-0730

Park Circle Apartments (Lancaster, California)
(661) 949-8812

Cordova Park Apartments (Lancaster, California)
(661) 945-8052

Hillcrest Park (Newbury Park, California)

Sunset Barrington Gardens (Los Angeles, California)
(310) 472-2750

Casa De Marina (Los Angeles, California)
(301) 822-8700

Hollywood Pointe Apartments (Los Angeles, California) - Service Animals Only
(877) 752-7268

Crenshaw Townhouse (Los Angeles, California) - Service Animals Only
(323) 936-1812

St. Germaine Apartments (Los Angeles, California)
(213) 382-3244

Tivoli Apartments (Los Angeles, California)
(323) 465-7402

HAAS Building (Los Angeles, California)
(213) 891-1063

GLO Apartments (Los Angeles, California)
(213) 290-1900

Santee Court Lofts (Los Angeles, California)
(213) 623-8101

Sunset Vine Tower (Los Angeles, California)
(323) 836-0123

Gardens at the Wilshire Center (Los Angeles, California)
(213) 785-7951

Chateau De Paix (Los Angeles, California)
(310) 837-4406

Hughes Towers Apartments (Los Angeles, California)
(310) 836-0308

Pacific View Apartment Homes (Long Beach, California)
(562) 498-3009

Bixby Knolls Apartments (Long Beach, California)
(562) 595-5033

Park Avenue and Beverly Plaza (Long Beach, California)
(562) 498-4032

Beach Villas Apartments (Long Beach, California)
(562) 435-2226

San Pasqual Apartments (Pasadena, California)
(626) 792-1935

Parc Chateaux (Stevenson Ranch, California)
(661) 254-6400

Carmel Vue Apartments (San Pedro, California)
(310) 833-6714

Canyon Park Apartments (Riverside, California)
(951) 352-3585

Irvine Apartments (Irvine, California)
(866) 963-3203

Pacific Gardens Apartments (San Diego, California)
(8585) 453-4620

Stonewood Gardens Apartments (San Diego, California)
(619) 223-4766

Albert's College Apartment Homes (San Diego, California)
(619) 583-7402

Bay Pointe (San Diego, California)
(858) 273-5525

Cedar Shores Apartments (San Diego, California) - Service Animals Only
(858) 274-9680

Allegro Towers (San Diego, California)
(619) 595-7801

Club River Run (San Diego, California)
(619) 280-7272

1188 Mission Apartments (Sacramento, California)
(415) 864-3333

The Gateway Apartments (Sacramento, California) - Service Animals Only
(415) 434-2000

Grosvenor Atrium (Sacramento, California)
(415) 775-2303


Hartford 21 Apartments (Hartford, Connecticut)
(800) 598-7829

The Pavilions Apartment Homes (Manchester, Connecticut)
(860) 648-0379

The Terraces Apartments (Norwich, Connecticut)
(860) 889-9999

The Liberty Building (New Haven, Connecticut)
(203) 772-2865


The Arbors at Sweetgrass (Fort Collins, Colorado)
(866) 643-0919

Brookview Apartments (Fort Collins, Colorado)
(970) 493-4250

Woodlands Apartments (Fort Collins, Colorado)
(970) 207-1190

The Buttes Apartments (Loveland, Colorado)
(970) 622-0345

Wyndham Apartment Homes (Longmont, Colorado)
(303) 772-0647

The Crestwood Resort Apartments (Northglenn, Colorado)
(303) 920-9630

Sierra Vista Apartments (Thorton, Colorado)
(303) 287-0951

Peakview at T-Bone Ranch (Greeley, Colorado)
(970) 330-1475

Gateway Place Apartments (Greeley, Colorado)
(970) 330-5704

Meeker Commons (Greeley, Colorado)
(970) 378-9393

Timber Ridge Apartments (Boulder, Colorado)
(303) 413-1227

The Lofts at Peloton Apartments (Boulder, Colorado)
(303) 457-5230

Mountain Terrace Apartment Homes (Westminister, Colorado)
(303) 426-5494

Arbour Square (Westminister, Colorado)
(303) 451-1200

The Orchards at Cherry Creek Park (Centennial, Colorado)
(303) 680-2800

Villas at Holly (Centennial, Colorado)
(303) 779-8183

Copper Chase Apartments (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
(719) 632-7762

Skyway Village Apartments (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
(877) 627-1315

Sagebrook Apartment Homes (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
(719) 495-8900

Tanemara Apartments (Littleton, Colorado)
(303) 948-0800


Canby Park Apartments (Wilmington, Delaware)
(302) 504-8081

Studio Green Apartments (Newark, Delaware)
(302) 368-7000

Village 2 (Newark, Delaware)
(302) 738-5530

School Bell Apartments (Bear, Delaware)
(302) 328-9500

Christiana Meadows Apartments (Dover, Delaware)
(302) 322-6161

Village of Westover Apartments (Dover, Delaware)
(302) 734-3451

Harbor House Apartments (Claymont, Delaware)
(302) 798-9100

Greenville Place Apartments (Greenville, Delaware)
(302) 658-7024

Castlebrook Apartments (New Castle, Delaware)
(302) 322-7700


Tamarac Pointe (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
(954) 721-5800

Boca Bend Marina Apartments (Boca Raton, Florida)
(561) 391-5000

Palms of Boca Del Mar (Boca Raton, Florida)
(561) 392-1244

Palmetto Apartments (Boca Raton, Florida)
(561) 955-7092

Tradition at Palm Aire (Sarasota, Florida)
(941) 359-2202

Stringer Management (Sarasota, Florida)
(941) 922-4959

Avesta Treesdale (Bradenton, Florida)
(877) 927-3538

LaMirada Gardens (Bradenton, Florida)
(941) 755-9011

Sanctuary of Bradenton (Bradenton, Florida)
(941) 727-6900

Carlton Arms Apartments (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
(727) 867-8685

The Sage (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
(727) 823-7243

Palmway Village Apartments (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
(727) 577-5565

Flagler Pointe Apartments (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
(727) 866-2488

Fusion 1560 (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
(727) 502-5700

Bayside Court Apartments (Clearwater, Florida)
(727) 587-6635

The Estates at Countryside (Clearwater, Florida)
(727) 726-3558

Royal Breeze Apartments (Clearwater, Florida)
(727) 797-5809

Grande Bay Apartments (Clearwater, Florida)
(727) 725-2926

Country Place (Palm Harbor, Florida)
(877) 277-0848

Mariner's Cay Apartments (Spring Hill, Florida)
(352) 263-2310

Century Waterford Lakes (Orlando, Florida)
(407) 273-3877

Esplanade Apartments (Orlando, Florida)
(407) 854-6778

Century Palms Apartments (Orlando, Florida)
(407) 239-8000

Wyndham Place (Sandford, Florida)
(602) 952-0031

Sailpoint Bay Apartments (St. Daytona, Florida)
(386) 252-6319

Carlton Arms of Ocala (Ocala, Florida)
(352) 861-9222

Blichton Station Apartments (Ocala, Florida)
(352) 351-4224

Highlands at Heathbrook (Ocala, Florida)
(352) 369-4222

Ember Ridge Apartments (Pensacola, Florida)
(850) 455-6662

Broadview Oaks Apartments (Pensacola, Florida)
(850) 479-1846

Meadowrun Apartments (Pensacola, Florida)
(850) 478-6908

Cypress Apartments (Panama City, Florida)
(850) 235-0207

Leigh Meadows Apartments (Jacksonville, Florida)
(904) 260-8111

Mission Pointe Apartments (Jacksonville, Florida)
(888) 432-6470

The Reserve at Wynnfield Lakes (Jacksonville, Florida)
(904) 646-4868

Lost Lake Apartments (Jacksonville, Florida)
(904) 374-2153

Savannah Springs Apartments (Jacksonville, Florida)
(904) 302-8600

Chapel Terrace Apartments (Tallahassee, Florida)
(850) 576-5558

Seminole Flatts (Tallahassee, Florida)
(850) 222-2286

Franklin Pointe (Tallahassee, Florida)
(850) 222-2864

Campus Walk Apartments (Tallahassee, Florida)
(850) 681-3809


The Waterfront at Pu'uloa (Ewa Beach, Hawaii)
(808) 441-9999

Moanalua Hillside Apartments (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(866) 598-6580

Kalaelou Rental Homes (Kapolei, Hawaii)
(888) 826-4212


The Grove at Moscow (Moscow, Idaho)
(888) 648-1942

McCoy Apartments (Moscow, Idaho) - Service Animals Only
(208) 882-4949

Huntington Apartments (Boise, Idaho)
(208) 386-9565

Stoneridge Apartments (Boise, Idaho)
(208) 375-3800

Rembrandt Park Apartments (Boise, Idaho)
(208) 672-8700

Monterra Apartments (Boise, Idaho)
(208) 344-3636


Beacon Hills Apartments (Rockford, Illinois)
(815) 874-5411

Hampton Ridge Apartments (Rockford, Illinois)
(866) 408-2318

Forest Glen Apartments (Rockford, Illinois)
(815) 637-6100

Cedar Point Apartments (Springfield, Illinois)
(217) 787-5950

Huntington Ridge Apartments (Springfield, Illinois)
(217) 529-1751

Lincoln Tower Apartment Homes (Springfield, Illinois)
(217) 697-4973

Pine Woods Apartments (Springfield, Illinois)
(217) 787-4800

Westbrook Apartments (Springfield, Illinois)
(217) 787-7755

Spring Meadows Apartments (Springfield, Illinois)
(217) 585-9540


  1. 18 Watercress Green does indeed have breed restrictions.

  2. All of the Northern Coloraodo apartments listed above do have breed restrictions (I called each one personally)...
    The Arbors at Sweetgrass (Fort Collins, Colorado)
    Brookview Apartments (Fort Collins, Colorado)
    Woodlands Apartments (Fort Collins, Colorado)
    The Buttes Apartments (Loveland, Colorado)
    Peakview at T-Bone Ranch (Greeley, Colorado)
    Gateway Place Apartments (Greeley, Colorado)
    Meeker Commons (Greeley, Colorado)

    1. Of your Sarasota/Bradenton Florida posted Apartments; Traditions @ Palm Aire, and La Mirada Gardens have 45 lb Max Dog weight FYI. And Avesta Treesdale has a no aggressive breeds policy that includes Pits.

    2. The Lofts at Pelton in Boulder, CO also have breed restrictions.

    3. The Loft at Pelton in Boulder, CO also have breed restrictions.

  3. I had no idea that there were so many apartments that allowed pit bulls. I would love to live in one of these. I've always wanted a dog and I think living an apartment that allowed them would make it possible for me to have one. I'll have to look into living in one of these! http://www.universalproperties.ca/buildings/living

  4. All apartments for San Diego have breed and weight restrictions with the exception of Allegro Towers.

  5. I am the assistant manager at La Entrada Apartments in Tucson, AZ and we DO NOT allow pit bulls actually.

    1. I wish places would allow spayed or neutered pits and require they be up to date on all vaccinations and on a leash or harness when out of apartment. These breed specific rules are only hurting the responsible dog owners. With new rules like mentioned above, you can keep out the bad owners and allow the responsible ones a good place to live.

    2. I wish places would allow spayed or neutered pits and require they be up to date on all vaccinations and on a leash or harness when out of apartment. These breed specific rules are only hurting the responsible dog owners. With new rules like mentioned above, you can keep out the bad owners and allow the responsible ones a good place to live.

  6. In Delaware, Stonehurst Gardens has breed restrictions and limited to under 35 pounds....not sure how they got on list. Please remove. Thank you

  7. OMG thank you for this! We are apartment hunting in CO and having lots of issues finding a home that will accept our 2 pits..

    1. Please let me know what you find!!! brittaniwilliams16@yahoo.com I have a German shepherd which is restricted about 50% of the time and a boxer/pit all of the time.

    2. In Colorado Springs, you have two options that I am aware of:

      The Meadows at Cheyenne Mountain (719) 576-1600
      Shannon Hills Apartments (719) 475-0573

      Copper Chase (listed above) has changed management and now has breed restrictions.

    3. In Colorado Springs, there are two options that I am aware of:

      The Meadows at Cheyenne Mountain (719) 576-1600
      Shannon Hills Apartments (719) 475-0573

      Copper Chase Apartments (listed above) is under new management and now has breed restrictions.

  8. I really like this post. I agree that the statement should be made in this post about apartments in dothan, Thanks !

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. shame on all the apartment complexes blindly eliminating entire breeds. good dogs come in all shapes and sizes and mixes. the day I adopted my dog from the spca I'd guess over 50% had some amount of pit in them. here we are opening our hearts and homes to rescued animals and these apt. complex mgmt. companies are closing their doors to us.

    1. Exactly! They should at least rent to responsible pet owners that have their dogs fixed and up to date on all vaccinations. Must also be on a leash or harness when outside of apartment. There is a lot more money in it if they did it this way.

  11. Great list! I have a small German Shepherd, and they are on all the restricted lists. I'm wondering how recently this list has been updated. I'm hoping there are more places in Boise, ID.

  12. Thanks sharing your information for dothan apartments . I also recommended to my friends to book apartments in Dothan .

  13. Polo Woods apartments in Lexington KY has no breed/weight restrictions. The landlord has a few pits herself and does not discriminate.

  14. Hello,
    Just wanted to let you know that the listed apartments in Orlando, FL are now Breed Restricted. I personally called and its on their websites as well. I believe three of them have new management as well so they changed the name of the complex.

  15. Deer valley apartments. Do not accept pits or other "aggressive breeds" . We tried and they do not state it until you go to fill out application.

  16. Deer valley does not accept pits or other "aggressive "breeds. We tried and they do not state it until you go to fill out aplication

  17. GLO Apartments in Los Angeles, CA does NOT allow pits. (Hover pointer over "Breed Restrictions.") http://www.equityapartments.com/california/los-angeles-apartments/mid-city-west/glo-apartments.aspx

  18. Santee Court Lofts in Los Angeles, CA also does not allow pits. http://www.essexapartmenthomes.com/california/los-angeles-area/los-angeles/santee-court

  19. Really you doing a great job!I will recommend to my all friends and knowns.keep doing this apartments !!

  20. The top 4 Florida listings are not correct, they will NOT accept any Pittbull variation.

  21. The Buttes in Loveland CO has a ton of breed restrictions. Also you can add Shannon Hills and The Meadows at Cheyenne Mountain as two in Colorado Springs CO w/out restrictions.

  22. Wyndham Place in Sanford does not allow pits.. called. -_-

  23. This information is really useful for people like me who are tired of searching a pet friendly condo. You have done great research.

  24. I have read your blog and it is very useful for all readers. Thanks for sharing your information about dothan apartments. I also recommend to my friends to book apartments in Dothan.

  25. The Lofts at Peloton Apartments in Boulder, Colorado does NOT accept pit bulls or any other aggressive breed of dog. Please remove The Lofts from this list.

  26. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this page!!! i now how a place for me and my pit thanks to you! so grateful!

  27. just an FYI all of the places you have listed for Orlando Florida I called and none of them accept PITBULLS I am about to be sleeping in my car because I refuse to give up my baby and no one will rent to us.

  28. The Crestwood Apartments Northglenn, Colorado does NOT accept pit bulls anymore, please update list if possible. Also renters keep in mind this list was written in 2013 so a lot has changed since then.

  29. The Tanamera Apt in Littleton,CO has it listed on website that they do not allow pills and many other breeds.

  30. The Tanemara Apt in Littleton,CO list on their website that they do not allow pit bulls and many other breeds.

  31. Thank you so much for your work on this. I am moving to San Jose and finding an apartment is difficult with my 8 year old baby Ralph who is a great Daine Pitt mix......I will post out what I find when I look into these suggestions.

  32. Sailpointe in Daytona has weight and breed restrictions. The only one that I have been able to find that has no restrictions is Marina Vista on S Beach St. And Morristown I believe does not have them either. Unsure of Morristown though.