Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Working Pit Bulldog


Fighting isn't necessarily considered as an activity or "work", but it is considered as a sport. I think it's an important topic to touch since pit bulldogs were bred for this.

Don Mayfield and Maurice Carver

Don Mayfield and Maurice Carver

Bullyson vs. Sir

Bullyson vs. Benny Bob

Joe Medlin

Weight Pulling

Dock Diving


I just listed a few videos because most of them are blocked, preventing people from viewing them and I want my readers to be able to view them.

Southern Inferno Kennels Irish Rage:
Southern Inferno Kennels Irish Rage:
Hog Hunting:

Wall Climbing

Hang Time

Mill Racing

I can only find one picture of a dog mill racing at a dog show, but I'll just attach other pictures of dogs on mills. I notice that most people take videos, not pictures.



Since some of you may not know what conformation is, I guess I should list a few articles on the conformation standard of the American Pit Bull Terrier which you can find here: ADBA Standard: APDR Standard: (go to their website, hover over breeds and click "American Pit Bull Terrier" to view their standard). APDR Standard: (go to their website and on the right side, click "Breeds" and once you're on the page that it takes you to, click on the "APBT Standard" on the left side).

Let's take a look at some American Pit Bull Terrier conformation dogs:

ADBA Ch. Penny Lane

Ch. K9 Performance Kennels Varro BH RO2 ACAL 1, 2, 3 SDC II CGC

ADBA Ch. Blaizen's Dezba

Southern Inferno Kennel's Arson

Ch. Havoc (ADBA & AADR Ch. Havoc)

Ch. Cowboy (ADBA Ch. Cowboy)

Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing UKC Premier 2010:

Boom, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier lure coursing: - Please understand that American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffies) are two whole different breeds.


While this isn't a picture of a dog doing flyball, this dog has won multiple flyball titles. Here's the dog's pedigree:

While a few of the dogs in this specific post in a few of these pictures and videos are NOT pit bulls, I used them as an example of the activities that bully breeds of any breed can perform in. Also, it was kind of hard to find pictures or videos of pit bulls involved in certain sports/activities which is why I listed a few pictures/videos of other bully breeds performing in different activities and sports. Pit Bulls can perform in every sport/activity listed above.

Picture sources (sorry, can't list all of them, didn't keep track of where some of the pictures came, but I'll try my best to list most of the sources):

Roki Reds:
Against the Wind Kennels:
Roki Reds:
Ability Made Pits:
Caragan Kennels:
Ability Made Pits:
Working Pit Bull:
Ability Made Pits:
Pit Bull Zone:
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Working Pit Bull:
Working Pit Bull:
APBT Online Pedigree:
APBT Online Pedigree:
Neal Dog Kennels:
Neal Dog Kennels:

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  1. who's dog won that game
    Don Mayfield's or Maurice Carver's you've got two photos of that game the second and thried photo