Monday, November 18, 2013

Crenshaw's Ch. Honeybunch

Ch Crenshaw’s Honeybunch R.O.M was born at Maurice Carver’s Kennel and was daughter of the famous Walling’s Bullyson R.O.M and Carver’s Amber R.O.M. Both dogs belonged to Maurice Carver. In 1972, James Crenshaw bought Honeybunch as a puppy from Maurice Carver and told him: this puppy has everything to become a fundamental pivot in American Pitbull Terrier selection and she did do justice to this notion. Honeybunch established her reign in dog fighting winning 3 games against the best bitches of that time.

A person who had direct experience of Honeybunch's incredible biting strength is Rex B. Rex, the judge of one of her matches. Whilst Irish Jerry was separating the two dogs by un-fanging them with a breaking stick, Honeybunch locked onto Rex’s thumb. The Good old Mountain Man had to replace Rex as a judge. Rex on the other hand, not the type of person to complain suffered in silence with the understanding of why the Hispanics call the thumb “ the fat finger”.

James Crenshaw coupled Honeybunch 7 times with the best Pit Bulls of that era: Finley Ch Bo R.O.M, Crenshaw’s Ch Otis R.O.M. Crenshaw’s Ch Rascal R.O.M, Gr Ch Adams’ Zebo R.O.M, Irish Jerry’s Trim Moody R.O.M Wood’s Oso Negro R.O.M and Arevalo’s J.R R.O.M.

Many champions and grand champions resulted from these poignant crosses from the following calibre: Crenshaw Ch Jeep R.O.M, Crenshaw’s Ch Charlie R.O.M, Gr Ch Irish Jerry’s Weehunt R.O.M, Gr Ch Brabham & Singletons’ Snake, Buchanan’s Jessie R.O.M, Creppel’s Ch Punk R.O.M, Crenshaw’s Ch Crypto R.O.M, Crenshaw’s Dolly R.O.M,  Crenshaw’s Missy R.O.M,  Crenshaw’s Holly R.O.M, Crenshaw’s Sandy R.O.M Crenshaw’s Sugar R.O.M, Garrett’s Lady Mira R.O.M and Crenshaw’s Ch Rascal Junior R.O.M.

Summing up all the matches of Honeybunch’s offspring, the figure of 65 fights without any losses comes to light. If one analyzes an American Pit Bull Terrier ADBA Pedigree, going back in the generations we will always find one of her offspring.

Her fame was made possible thanks to the strict and selective contribution of James Crenshaw, James Garrett, Maurice Carver, Jack Kelly, Gene Smith, George Wilcox, Mark Stower, Don Mayfield and Mountain Man. Known for her surprising capacity to produce and for her formidable qualities as a fighter, Ch Crenshaw’s Honeybunch R.O.M is considered the most influential American Pitbull Terrier bitches of her time.

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