Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dog Kennels

I am sure some of you are wondering where the best place to buy a dog kennel at is. This specific post will be similar to my "Where to Buy a Dog Breeding Stand at" post. I hope that this specific post will help you find where to buy a sturdy dog kennel at for your dog.

L Bar M Ranch: (their dog kennels are awesome and are probably the strongest dog kennels on the market)

All in all, L Bar M Ranch is your best bet. Don't rely on those store bought kennels from places like Wal-Mart or any pet store to hold a dog in because most of the time, they won't. Store bought kennels don't handle all types of weather very well and tend to damage easily. A dog can easily chew through a store bought kennel, too. Good dog kennels like L Bar M Ranch are very expensive, but worth every penny. The L Bar M Ranch crew are also known to be extremely nice people and in many cases will come to your house and set up the kennels that you ordered from them so that you don't have to set up them.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Noses, Bloodlines and Terms

Red nose: Red nose is a term that is often used to describe a dog that has a "red" nose. I often see dogs of all colors called red nosed pit bulls when in fact, they're not. A red nosed dog can refer to an OFRN (Old Family Red Nosed) American Pit Bull Terrier. This does not mean that every red "pit bull" that you see is OFRN.

Blue nose: There's no such thing as a blue nosed pit bull. A blue nosed dog is referred to as the color of an American Bullies nose, not a pit bull.

Purple nose: A purple nosed pit bull does not exist, in fact there's no such thing as a purple nose regarding any breed of dog. A purple nosed dog may also be considered as a lavender nosed dog and have a champagne colored coat. This is not real, there's no such thing as a purple nosed, lavender nosed, champagne dog, it's all in the money.

There is no such thing as a breed called the red nosed, blue nosed or purple nosed pit bull meaning that red nosed, blue nosed and purple nosed are not bloodlines nor a breed of dog, it just refers to the dog's color of nose.

Gator Mouth: Unless the dog is a mix between an alligator and a dog, then sure. I wish I had the skill to Photoshop an alligator head with its mouth open on a bully body, then would it be considered a gator mouth?

XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL: This is often referred to as the size of a dog regarding American Bullies. While there's a few different supposed standards of an American Bully, your double, triple, quadruple bully is just a fat mutt with no real purpose. There's not an X sized anything in the dog world.

Purebred/Bread/Pittbulls: If you can't spell purebred, bred or pit bull right then it's probably best that you don't own the breed or even consider breeding. I hate seeing posts like "purebread pittbulls" or "I bread my pittbull".

Fire: I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say something along the lines of "when that fire hittin' the ground" or "you got any fire" or "this breeding is fire". You know what I want to know? I want to know who comes up with these stupid terms and why. The term "fire" can mean when are the puppies due or do you have any puppies or that breeding is nice.

Drop any day/hit the ground: It's a bit like the term "fire", it's basically where someone is asking when is the mother due or saying when the mother is due.

Don't sleep on this!: This is another term for "don't miss out on this", it's a term that people say to try and get people to buy their dogs.

Thick boned: I believe it's supposed to refer to a dog who is "muscular". I put the word muscular in quotes because a dog who is referred to as thick boned is often all fat or only two days old. Fat is fat, not muscle.

Easty westy: It is a term that refers to a dog whose feet are faced to the right and to the left, here's an example of dog who appears to have easty westy and what easty westy looks like:

Saddle back: It means a dog who has a sloped back, almost like a big dent in his back or a dog who's back is bent. A dog who suffers from saddle back often also suffers from a high rear and/or a short front.

Ped: Ped is a short term for pedigree, so when someone asks something like "what's his ped?", they're asking "what's his pedigree?"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where to Get Your Dog's Ears Cropped At

I have conducted a list of veterinarians that have been considered good veterinarians for ear cropping as well as just all around good veterinarians. There are also many questions to ask a veterinarian before taking your dog to one, especially if you're considering having your dog's ears cropped.

Questions that you should ask a veterinarian about ear cropping:

Have you ever cropped a dog's ears? - if they've never cropped ears before, stay away!
Are you experienced with ear cropping? - if not, stay away!
Can I see your portfolio of ear crops? - if they can't provide a portfolio or if the dog's ears in the portfolio are bad, stay far away!
Have you ever failed an ear crop? If so, how and why? - if they have, don't use them
What breeds are you experienced with cropping? - some veterinarians are more experienced with cropping ears of specific breeds of dog's only
Have you ever cropped my breed of dog's ears before? If so, can I see a portfolio of previous ear crops of this breed? - if they haven't, it's best that you find a veterinarian who has done so multiple times
What will happen after the surgery? - they should assign you on how to care for the ears
What if the ears don't turn out right? - you don't have to pay because they messed up your dog's ears, it's their fault, not yours
Why should I use you as a veterinarian to crop my dog's ears? - asking questions like this will reveal a lot about the veterinarian. The veterinarian should have an experienced and well thought out and good answer and if they don't, don't use them

Questions to ask a veterinarian in general:

Can you show me your facility?
How long have you been a veterinarian?
How long have you been in business?
Are there any hidden fees?
Do you have any questions for me?
Do you charge for any questions asked? If so, why?
Are you always available by phone?
Do you have any testimonials? If so, can you provide those to me?
How many total animals have you performed on?
What do you like about your job?
How will you benefit both me and my dog?
What's a day's of work like for you?

Why should I use (enter name of vet's office here) and how is (enter name of vet's office here) different from any other veterinarian?

You MUST be careful with who you go with, as there's a lot of bad croppers and inexperienced croppers out there. Before you view the list of vets below, please take a look at both these BAD and GOOD ear crops listed below:




Compton's Vet Clinic (Cullman, Alabama)
(256) 734-9488

Nall Daniels Animal Hospital (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 879-3409

Riverview Animal Clinic (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 991-9580

Martin Animal Hospital (Birmingham, Alabama)
(205) 595-8451

Montevallo Clinic (Montevallo, Alabama)
(205) 665-4625

Nall Daniel Animal Hospital (Homewood, Alabama)
(205) 879-3409

Mountain Top Vet (Pisgah, Alabama)
(256) 451-1204


Saguaro Vet Clinic (Scottsdale, Arizona)
(480) 948-1770

Aztec Animal Hospital (Scottsdale, Arizona)
(480) 945-6800

Glendale Animal Hospital (Glendale, Arizona)
(623) 934-7243

Squaw Peak Animal Hospital (Phoenix, Arizona)
(602) 553-8855

Sundance Veterinary Hospital (Tolleson, Arizona)
(623) 478-9295

Hermosa Veterinary Clinic (Lake Havasu City, Arizona)
(928) 505-2131

East Valley Animal Hospital (Gilbert, Arizona)
(480) 892-1577

Canyon Pet Hospital (Flagstaff, Arizona)
(928) 774-5197

Buena Pet Clinic (Tucson, Arizona)
(520) 323-9487

VCA Thumb Butte Animal Hospital (Prescott, Arizona)
(928) 445-2331


Town and Country Veterinary Hospital (Russellville, Arkansas)
(479) 968-6700

New Hope Animal Hospital (Rogers, Arkansas)
(479) 631-0880

Ark Vet Hospital
(254) 968-7916

Franks-Hayes Animal Hospital (Magnolia, Arkansas)
(870) 234-7310

Lyon Vet Hospital (Springdale, Arkansas)
(479) 361-5660


Riverside Animal Hospital (Riverside, California)
(951) 683-4200

West Riverside Veterinarian Hospital (Riverside, California)
(951) 686-2242

Tully and La Bounty Vet Clinic (Studio City, California)
(818) 762 1491

St. Louis Vet Clinic (Milpitas, California)
(408) 956-8061

Animal Medical Clinic (Milpitas, California)
(408) 262-7190

Warner City Pet Clinic (Woodland Hills, California)
(818) 710-8528

Elm Veterinary Hospital (Fresno, California)
(559) 233-0313

Cupertino Animal Hospital (Cupertino, California)
(408) 252-6380

Sacramento Animal Hospital (Sacramento, California)
(916) 451-7213

San Fernando Pet Hospital (San Fernando, California)
(818) 361-8636

Country Veterinarian Clinic (Live Oak, California)
(530) 674-1660

Animal and Bird Hospital of Rosedale (Bakersfield, California)
(661) 589-1234

Irvine Pet Complex (Irvine, California)
(949) 833 9020

Aborn Pet Hospital (Fremont, California)
(510) 656-0223

Redwood Veterinarian Clinic (Santa Rosa, California)
(707) 542-4012

Antelope Valley Vet Hospital (Palmdale, California)
(661) 273-1234


Briargate Veterinary Clinic (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
(719) 599-3339

North Academy Veterinary Hospital (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
(719) 599-4443

Hermosa Veterinarian Clinic (Denver, Colorado)
(303) 455-2131

Broadview Animal Clinic (Denver, Colorado)
(303) 755-1424

Columbine Animal Hospital (Littleton, Colorado)
(303) 979-4040

Parkside Animal Health Center (Aurora, Colorado)
(303) 699-3344

Francis Veterinary Hospital (Golden, Colorado)
(303) 279-5952


Ridge Hill Animal Hospital (North Haven, Connecticut)
(203) 288-3307

Naugatuck Vet Hospital (Naugatuck, Connecticut)
(203) 723-7187

Manchester Animal Clinic (Manchester, Connecticut)
(860) 646-5170

Central Hospital for Vet Medicine (North Haven, Connecticut)
(203) 865-0878

Waterbury Vet Hospital
(203) 575-9556


Sumter County Veterinarian Hospital (Wildwood, Florida)
(352) 748-5454

Riverside Animal Hospital (Coral Springs, Florida)
(954) 575-7915

South Orlando Animal Hospital (Orlando, Florida)
(407) 855-1297

Destin Animal Clinic (Destin, Florida)
(850) 837-2931

Navarre Animal Hospital (Navarre, Florida)
(850) 939-1373

Niceville Animal Clinic (Niceville, Florida)
(850) 678-1378

Hollywood Animal Hospital (Hollywood, Florida)
Broward: (954) 920-3556
Dade: (305) 944-5974

Mid County Vet Hospital (Royal Palm Beach, Florida)
(561) 798-8000

Carballo Animal Clinic (Miami, Florida)
(305) 552-9121

Atlantic Animal Hospital (Cape Canaveral, Florida)
(321) 784-4248


River Cliff Animal Hospital (Lilburn, Georgia)
(770) 921-6766

Stockbridge Animal Hospital (Stockbridge, Georgia)
(770) 474-7242
Animal Medical Center of Lawrenceville (Lawrenceville, Georgia)
(770) 963-7363

Hannah's Mill Animal Hospital (Thomaston, Georgia)
(706) 647-4164

Stockbridge Animal Hospital (Stockbridge, Georgia)
(770) 474-7242

Bullard Animal Hospital (Austell, Georgia)
(770) 941-3668

Stone Mountain Veterinary (Stone Mountain, Georgia)
(770) 469-6111

Quailwood Animal Hospital (Tifton, Georgia)
(229) 386-8794


Kokua Pet Clinic (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(808) 843-8382

Kalihi Pet Clinic (Honolulu, Hawaii)
(808) 951-8808

Kihei Vet Clinic (Kihei, Hawaii)
(808) 879-5777


Owyhee Veterinary (Homedale, Idaho)
(208) 337-4677

Bench Animal Hospital (Boise, Idaho)
(208) 345-6771

Idaho Veterinarian Hospital (Nampa, Idaho)

North Idaho Animal Hospital (Sandpoint, Idaho)
(208) 265-5700


Fox Lake Animal Hospital (Fox Lake, Illinois)
(847) 587-0505

Gold Coast Animal Hospital (Chicago, Illinois)
(312) 337-7387

Avondale Animal Hospital (Chicago, Illinois)
(773) 631-7660

Logan Square Animal Hospital (Chicago, Illinois)
(773) 384-1138

Delta Animal Hospital (Chicago, Illinois)
(773) 278-6019

MontClare Animal Hospital (Chicago, Illinois)
(773) 237-0716

Archer Veterinarian Clinic (Lemont, Illinois)
(630) 257-5121

Midwest Animal Hospital (Orlando Park, Illinois)
(708) 478-7788

North Shore Vet Clinic (Skokie, Illinois)
(847) 966-3080


Bean Blossom Animal Clinic (Nashville, Indiana)
(812) 988-7922

Zionsville Animal Clinic (Zionsville, Indiana)
(317) 873-1833

Airport Veterinarian Clinic (Terre Haute, Indiana)
(812) 877-3087

Noah's Ark Animal Hospital (Kokomo, Indiana)
(765) 868-8140


Strohbehn Veterinarian Clinic (Council Bluffs, Iowa)
(712) 366-0556

Kindness Pet Clinic (Indianola, Iowa)
(515) 961-2501

Saints Animal Hospital (Waverly, Iowa)
(319) 352-3722

Starch Animal Hospital (Des Moines, Iowa)
(515) 283-1576

East Ridge Animal Center (St. Chariton, Iowa)
(641) 774-8486


Bogue Animal Hospital (Wichita, Kansas)
(316) 722-1085

El Paso Animal Clinic (Derby, Kansas)
(316) 788-1561

Cherokee Animal Clinic
(913) 649-0440


Shively Animal Clinic and Hospital (Louisville, Kentucky)
(502) 778-8317

East Kentucky Animal Clinic (Pikeville, Kentucky)
(606) 437-4014

Animal Hospital of Millersburg (Millersburg, Kentucky)
(859) 484-2139

Logan County Animal Clinic (Russellville, Kentucky)
(270) 726-3511

Bath Veterinarian Clinic (Owingsville, Kentucky)
(606) 674-6692

Town and Country Animal Clinic (Maysville, Kentucky)
(606) 759-5496


Farr Veterinarian Clinic (Lake Charles, Louisiana)
(337) 474-1526

Country Veterinarian Clinic (St. Martinville, Louisiana)
(337) 394-6296


Countryside Animal Hospital (Rumford, Maine)
(207) 369-9969

Country Club Veterinarian Clinic (Sanford, Maine)
(207) 324-4683


New Market Animal Hospital (New Market, Maryland)
(301) 865-3232

Langley Animal Hospital (Hyattsville, Maryland)
(301) 434-1500

Erdman Animal Hospital
(410) 563-5425


Woodland Animal Clinic (Freetown, Massachusetts)
(508) 763-8029

Central Ave Veterinary Hospital (Seekonk, Massachusetts)
(508) 761-8525


Snider Veterinarian (Clinton Township, Michigan)
(586) 286-5684

Dix Animal Hospital (Lincoln Park, Michigan)
(313) 383-7387

Westwood Veterinarian Hospital (Flint, Michigan)
(810) 785-2211

Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital (Ypsilanti, Michigan)
(734) 482-8171


Kimball Veterinarian Clinic (Kimball, Minnesota)
(320) 398-3600

Cambridge Veterinarian Clinic (Cambridge, Minnesota)
(763) 689-0095

Douglas County Animal Hospital (Alexandria, Minnesota)
(320) 762-1575

Pomerroy's Animal Hospital (St. Paul)
(651) 224-4815


Singing River Animal Hospital (Lucedale, Mississippi)
(601) 947-4066

Madison Ridgeland Animal Hospital (Ridgeland, Mississippi)(601) 856-3991

Central Vet Clinic
(601) 849-2242

Crossgates Vet Clinic (Pearl, Mississippi)
(601) 932-1245


Florissant Animal Hospital (Florissant, Missouri)
(314) 227-9478

Howdershell Animal Clinic (Florissant, Missouri)
(314) 838-3575

Galloway Village Veterinarian (Springfield, Missouri)
(417) 866-6681


Goodrich Veterinarian Clinic (Omaha, Nebraska)
(402) 896-4511

Fort Street Veterinarian (Omaha, Nebraska)
(402) 936-7233


Flamingo Pet Clinic (Las Vegas, Nevada)
(702) 734-9761

Tropicana Animal Hospital (Las Vegas, Nevada)
(702) 736-4944

Sierra Veterinary Hospital (Carson City, Nevada)
(775) 883-0261

Klaich Animal Hospital (Reno, Nevada)
(775) 826-1212

New Hampshire:

Cilley Veterinarian Clinic (Concord, New Hampshire)
(603) 224-9549

Russell Animal Hospital (Concord, New Hampshire)
(603) 224-2361

Glen Lake Animal Hospital (Goffstown, New Hampshire)
(603) 497-4113

New Jersey:

Millstone Animal Hospital (Clarksburg, New Jersey)
(609) 259-1955

Church Road Animal Hospital (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
(856) 368-2252

Livingston Animal Hospital (Livingston, New Jersey)
(973) 992-8888

New Mexico:

Schumacher Veterinarian Clinic (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
(575) 524-2894

New York:

Amsterdam Animal Hospital (Amsterdam, New York)
(518) 842-0540

Westbury Animal Hospital (Westbury, New York)
(516) 333-1123

Animal Clinic of Woodhaven (Woodhaven, New York)
(718) 296-0500

North Carolina:

Cabarrus Animal Hospital (Kannapolis, North Carolina)
(704) 786-6102

Animal Hospital of Kannapolis (Kannapolis, North Carolina)
(704) 938-4606

Ears by Dr. Bill (Asheville, North Carolina)
(828) 277-6823

Fisher Animal Clinic (Raleigh, North Carolina)
(919) 790-0412

Reidsville Animal Clinic (Reidsville, North Carolina)
(336) 349-3194

North Wake Animal Hospital (Wake Forest, North Carolina)
(919) 556-1121

Animal Hospital of Fayetteville (Fayetteville, North Carolina)
(910) 323-1535

North Dakota:

Casselton Animal Hospital (Casselton, North Dakota)
(701) 347-5496

Pinlevton Animal Hospital (Minot, North Dakota)
(701) 852-3055


Snow Ridge Veterinarian Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio)
(440) 845-7744

Lancaster Animal Clinic (Lancaster, Ohio)
(740) 687-1591

Northwest Animal Hospital (Columbus, Ohio)
(614) 451-4772

Love 'N Care Animal Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio)
(216) 531-5225

Dayton South Veterinarian Clinic (Dayton, Ohio)
(937) 294-8888

Lookout Animal Hospital (Cincinnati, Ohio)
(513) 871-8866

Animal Clinic Northview (North Ridgeville, Ohio)
(440) 327-8282

Bigger Road Animal Clinic (Kettering, Ohio)
(937) 435-3262


Cimarron Veterinarian Hospital (Stillwater, Oklahoma)
(405) 372-3200

Hammond Veterinary Hospital (Marlow, Oklahoma)
(580) 658-7300

OKC Veterinarian (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
(405) 789-3644

North Penn Veterinarian Hospital (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
(405) 752-0131

Gore West Animal Hospital (Lawton, Oklahoma)
(580) 536-2233


Crossroads Veterinarian (Sherwood, Oregon)
(503) 625-4404

West Eugene Animal Hospital (Eugene, Oregon)
(541) 342-5858

All Creatures Animal Hospital (Eaglepoint, Oregon)
(541) 830-5613


Green Valley Animal Hospital (New Brighton, Pennsylvania)
(724) 452-6151

Coventry Animal Hospital (Pottstown, Pennsylvania)
(610) 323-9454

Rhode Island:

Ferguson Animal Hospital (North Providence, Rhode Island)
(401) 349-4280

Newport Animal Hospital (Middletown, Rhode Island)
(401) 849-3400

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center (Exeter, Rhode Island)
(401) 294-0102

East Greenwich Animal Hospital (East Greenwich, Rhode Island)
(401) 885-2221

Riverside Animal Hospital (Riverside, Rhode Island)
(401) 433-2070

South Dakota:

Mountain View Animal Hospital (Rapid City, South Dakota)
(605) 343-8050

Animal Clinic of Rapid City (Rapid City, South Dakota)
(605) 415-4990


Broadway Veterinarian Clinic (Knoxville, Tennessee)
(865) 687-2651

Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
(865) 483-6614

Animal Hospital Raleigh-Bartlett (Memphis, Tennessee)
(901) 388-9550

Countryside Veterinarian (Mt. Juliet, Tennessee)
(615) 758-6406

Caudle Veterinarian Clinic (Nashville, Tennessee)
(615) 227-6230

Grassmere Animal Hospital (Nashville, Tennessee)
(615) 832-6535

Southside Animal Hospital (Nashville, Tennessee)
(615) 333-3655

Highland Rim Animal Clinic (Fayetteville, Tennessee)
(931) 433-2078

The Animal Clinic of Athens (Athens, Tennessee)
(423) 745-7436


Bellfort Animal Hospital (Houston, Texas)
(713) 643-2626

Brittmoore Animal Hospital (Houston, Texas)
(713) 468-8253

Gulfgate Animal Hospital (Houston, Texas)
(713) 643-5723

East Lake Veterinarian Clinic (Dallas, Texas)
(214) 342-3100

Northwood Animal Hospital (San Antonio, Texas)
(210) 828-1406

Mandeville Animal Hospital (Cypress, Texas)
(281) 758-0583

Grand Park Animal Clinic (Katy, Texas)
(281) 392-3127

Eastwood Animal Clinic (El Paso, Texas)
(915) 593-0713

Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie, Texas)
(972) 262-2684

O'Connor Road Animal Hospital (San Antonio, Texas)
(210) 775-1722

Animal Health Care Clinic (Arlington, Texas)
(817) 467-6688


West Mountain Veterinarian Hospital (Payson, Utah)
(801) 465-4648

Brickyard Animal Hospital (Salt Lake City, Utah)
(801) 486-0123

Sandy Animal Clinic (Sandy, Utah)
(801) 566-2410

Washington Family Veterinarian Clinic (George, Utah)
(435) 627-1300

Animal Crackers Veterinarian Hospital (West Jordan, Utah)
(801) 561-9271

Pet Medical Center (Orem, Utah)
(801) 225-5395


Arlington Animal Hospital (Arlington, Vermont)
(802) 375-9491

Springfield Animal Hospital (Springfield, Vermont)
(802) 885-2505

VCA Windham Animal Hospital (Brattleboro, Vermont)
(802) 254-9412

Windsor Animal Hospital (Windsor, Vermont)
(802) 674-2070

Green Mountain Animal Hospital (Burlington, Vermont)
(802) 658-3739

Waterbury Veterinarian Hospital (Waterbury Center, Vermont)
(802) 244-5452


Occoquan Animal Hospital (Woodbridge, Virginia)
(703) 491-1400

Smithfield Animal Hospital (Smithfield, Virginia)
(757) 357-9308

Peaks View Animal Hospital (Lynchburg, Virginia)
(804) 385-1300

Mechanicsville Animal Hospital (Mechanicsville, Virginia)
(804) 559-9800


VCA Parkway Animal Hospital (Tacoma, Washington)
(253) 531-0454

VCA North Division Animal Medical Center (Spokane, Washington)
(509) 467-5230

Audubon Veterinarian Clinic (Spokane, Washington)
(509) 328-7120

Summitview Cowiche Veterinarian Clinic (Yakima, Washington)
(509) 966-4162

College Way Animal Hospital (Mt Vernon, Washington)
(360) 848-1189

West Virginia:

Oak Hill Animal Hospital (Oak Hill, West Virginia)
(304) 465-8267

Fairmont Animal Hospital (Fairmont, West Virginia)
(304) 363-0930

Green Valley Animal Hospital (Green Valley, West Virginia)
(304) 327-5173


Angel Care Animal Hospital (Racine, Wisconsin)
(262) 886-3337

Decorah Animal Hospital (West Bend, Wisconsin)
(262) 334-5551

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation targets specific breeds of dogs based on their appearance and characteristics. I have thought about talking about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) for quite some time.

Why should someone who can't even recognize a pit bull from a poodle have to decide and get the final vote on whether or not pit bulls should be banned? What right do they have to take legislate against something that they have no knowledge on?

A good tip is to keep everything respectful, simple yet very informative.

I'd like to share some writing tips for writing a BSL letter, please see below.

* About - I like to start off by talking about the breed including its origin, standard, characteristics and personality.

* Dog Attacks - I tend to write a paragraph on dog attacks and how every reported dog attack involving a human that is shown that either describes the dog or shows the dog is not an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I explain that the attacks aren't being caused by these breeds of dogs, but the most common breed of dog involved in "pit bull" attacks are American Bullies (I am not saying American Bullies are bad dogs either).

* Breaking Sticks - I believe every bully breed owner or owner of a dog aggressive breed should own a break stick and I believe adding something informative about break sticks and how they are effective if a dog were to get into a fight with another dog is usually a good topic to include. A break stick can easily be used to release a dog's grip on another dog or object.

* Enforcing a breed ban - One thing I add in all of my letters is enforcing a breed ban and how enforcing a breed ban will not improve public safety and steps one can take to prevent dog attacks. Multiple states, counties and cities have realized that banning specific dog breeds isn't the answer regarding improving public safety which is why many have lifted the ban on specific breeds of dogs.

* Why Breed Specific Legislation is wrong - There are many reasons why BSL is wrong, some of those reasons are that BSL targets specific breeds of dogs, BSL may have the owner to do something along the lines of muzzle the dog out in public, spay/neuter the dog, microchip the dog, walk the dog on a specific leash of a specific length. BSL may not allow you to sell, giveaway, transport or take your dog out in public. BSL may have the owner purchase liability insurance. BSL takes our rights away. BSL is unconstitutional.

* Discriminating Against a Breed - If one is dead set on discriminating against a specific breed of dog, I always recommend them to research that breed whether it means reading good books on them or even talking with other owners of the breed. I believe if one who is enforcing a ban can't take the time to research said breed then he or she has no business banning the breed, period. I don't believe any breed of dog should be banned for any reason.

* Guessing Game - I always attach good pictures of at least seven different dog breeds in the letter. I will add a picture of an American Staffordshire Terrier, Patterdale Terrier, American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog and another picture of an American Staffordshire Terrier (all pictures added are of working dogs). I will then ask if they can identify the American Pit Bull Terrier by looking at all the pictures.

* Why? - Why is (enter state/county/city here) wanting to discriminate against (enter breed(s) here)? What is the meaning of (enter state/county/city here) legislating against (enter breed(s) here) and why? (enter state/county/city here) should be about moving forward, not taking one step backwards.

* What you should ask - I ask as a citizen of (enter state/county/city here) that you will not allow a bill that would discriminate against a specific breed of dog to pass and that you will vote against (enter bill name here).

How you can help fight Breed Specific Legislation:

* Educate the public (even if that means handing out pamphlets about your breed of dog to either people who come up to your dog and want to learn more or someone who appears to be looking at your dog in a negative way)

* Be a responsible dog owner and get a break stick and don't allow your bully breed around other dogs, do not take your bully breed to a dog park. If your dog is human aggressive, please euthanize the dog. And, please speak with knowledge.

* Have a well behaved dog and a dog with good manners. Don't have a crazy acting dog in public, have a well behaved and well mannered dog in public.

* I have noticed that "cute" bandannas always seem to attract more positive attention to the breed in public.

* Do not call your dog a pit bull if you have no proof that your dog is a pit bull. Without a pedigree, your dog is a mutt. You are adding to BSL by calling your mutt a pit bull. So, if you got a dog from a shelter, rescue or Craigslist, etc, it is not a pit bull - just call it a mixed breed.

* Send informative letters/e-mails to all of the state representatives and senators as well as the mayor and governor if they were to be legislating against specific breeds of dogs

Friday, March 15, 2013


Creatine is an incredibly misunderstood substance. So much incorrect and misleading information is presented about it that is simply not true. This is a brief presentation of some facts regarding what creatine is, how it works and what it's benefits are.

Creatine is commonly referred to as an amino acid. It is a nutrient incorporated into proteins in food similar to carnitine and taurine. It is not a steroid or a stimulant. The liver, pancreas and kidneys can combine glycine with other amino acids to make creatine in the body. Certain people have what is termed creatine deficiency syndrome, where they can't make any creatine. This leads to seizures, reduced muscle function and multiple neurological problems. These individuals are supplemented with creatine even from infancy, in doses twice as high as adult athletes use in high "loading doses". Even when supplementing at these levels, in excess of 10 continuous years, there has never been a death or significant negative side effect reported based upon extensive studies done in Switzerland and Germany.

Sir Haus Krebs won the Noble Prize in 1935 for discovering the chain of chemical reactions that convert all sources of fuel in the body to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the primary energy compound for all living things, from human beings down to single-celled algae. At the very core of human and animal functioning and chemistry, this is where creatine works by increasing and improving ATP utilization and regeneration.

Creatine is an exciting, all natural molecule. Even though it is primarily stored in muscle tissue, it enhances cellular energetics throughout the body. This is why growing research is continuing to show a multitude of health benefits involving optimizing creatine levels through supplementation. Besides enhancing muscle strength and function in athletes, creatine also has shown through research to 1). Improve protein synthesis 2). decrease protein breakdown 3). improve health status of HIV patients 4). improve immune cell function 5). improve body composition 6). improve symptoms in diabetic patients 7). prevent and treat ALS 8). prevent and treat Parkinson's disease 9). prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease 10). improve patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 11). enhance and repair damage to skin cells 12). treatment of cardiovascular disease 13). prevention of brain injuries in football players 14). increases in bone density 15). natural stimulation of I G F - 1 16). assisting of calcium to maintain proper muscle contraction and relaxation. The list goes on. Don't be deceived by the supposed experts in medicine who think they know it all because they have an M.D. by their name. Research the real, unbiased research and find the facts. Creatine is an all natural, necessary compound in all animals. Used properly, it provides a multitude of health promoting benefits.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is a Blue American Pit Bull Terrier?

Ah, the topic of the blue American Pit Bull Terrier. It is quite a controversial topic and a topic I have been wanting to touch for quite awhile. I went on my own mission to find out whether or not there's a blue pit bull or not, and with the amount of dog-men that I have talked to and the amount of research I have gathered up in the years, there's no such thing as a blue pit bull.

You question this interesting theory when you look at dogs like Bellon Club's Soga who is supposedly a "game-dog." There's many that say that Bellon Club's Soga isn't a pit bull and I'd have to agree with that statement. I honestly do not believe Bellon Club's Soga is a bulldog. I will say that Soga has a lot of Staffie blood in her and that she isn't an American Pit Bull Terrier. Just take a look at her pedigree, and notice that her pedigree has a lot of "unknowns". Now, while "unknown" doesn't mean the lineage is unknown, it can simply mean the pedigree isn't finished, but with a pedigree with all those "unknowns" on such a well-known dog, wouldn't you think they'd finish the pedigree? Obviously not.

I look at American Pit Bull Terriers of today and have yet to come across a blue one. I see way too many blue American Bullies (believe me when I say this, they're literally everywhere), but not American Pit Bull Terriers because the blue color doesn't exist in this breed.

If you've never seen or heard of Bellon Club's Soga, here is a picture (pedigree listed below picture):

I could name multiple "blue pit bulls" and point you out to their pedigrees but how does a breed of dog that isn't know to throw blues, throw blues? There's many blue dogs listed on the APBT Pedigree Database, but if you research and look at the pictures of the dogs, they appear as though they are clearly not pit bulls.

I look at bloodlines such as Greyline and Watchdog and I honestly can't refer these two lines as American Pit Bull Terrier lines because in my opinion, they are simply not that.

The thing that really pisses us off is that the majority of so called 'educators' (you know who you are) who say that "pit bulls do come in blue, but it is very rare." Okay, let me stop you right there. When I see the word "rare" and "pit bull" in the same sentence, I call bull-shit. So, then the so called 'educators' (bull-shitters) post the pedigree on these dogs... they're Am. Staffs/Pitterstaffs, not APBTs. It really pisses us off that 'educators' who are out there to supposedly 'educate' others about what an APBT is, continue calling their dogs APBTs when they're Am. Staffs or Pitterstaffs, and even refer to blue Am. Staffs/Pitterstaffs as APBTs, right when the pedigree says differently. If the pedigree says Am. Staff/Pitterstaff, it is what it is. Thing is, Pitterstaff/Am. Staff blood will NEVER be APBT blood.

The topic of blue game dogs is quite controversial and confusing. Take Bellon's Club Soga for example, she's not a bulldog but she's known to be supposedly "game". I honestly think it's nearly impossible for two purebred American Pit Bull Terriers (bulldogs) to throw blue dogs, especially blue game dogs.

Now, here we go getting into the technical stuff. The APBT and the American Staffordshire Terrier originally started out as the same breed. They quickly became completely separate breeds, one being bred for show, the other being bred for dog fighting. So, people generally ask "then where did the blue color come from then?" Well, that is an interesting question. So far, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier are COMPLETELY SEPARATE BREEDS OF DOGS - they are NOTHING alike in anyway, shape or form. They have different traits, characteristics and bloodlines - all set them apart from each other. I'm pretty certain the American Staffordshire Terrier also has a health-issue that the American Pit Bull Terrier can not get. Here we go messing with genetics.... there has never once been a blue American Pit Bull Terrier in the history of American Pit Bull Terriers. If I can find the right scientific-based articles, you can change genetics. There was a study done on rats, where they were successfully able to change the genetics of the rats, they were able to somehow change the coat-color genetics. You'd start out with a white rat and end up with black rats. If you think about it..... maybe it'll make sense. Once you start breeding for show, shit happens.

Examples of blue dogs listed on APBT Pedigree Database: name=Public&file=printPedigree&dog_id=154663  (fat mutt, not a bulldog) (not a bulldog and notice that some of the bottom is unknown) (not a bulldog and notice that most of the pedigree on this dog is unknown) (not a bulldog and notice the top is all unknown)

Most blue dogs are going to have unknown ancestors in their pedigrees which makes it impossible to actually identify if they really are (in fact), American Pit Bull Terriers. This being said and with everything that I have stated and talked about regarding blue dogs, it has come to my attention that there's no such thing as a blue bulldog. I have even heard of other bulldog owners and breeders who have also discussed this specific topic saying that there's no such thing as a blue bulldog and that the dog is either Staffy or Bully and with this being said, or has Staffy or Bully blood in him. I'd have to agree completely.

This is just my opinion on this. If you feel anything should be added, let me know or if you have any questions or anything regarding any posts on this blog, you are always free to leave a comment below on the specific blog post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope that you find this post informative.