Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Can You Buy a Dog Breeding Stand?

There's many different places where you can buy a good dog breeding stand from. There's two different options, you can either buy one or make your own. I'd say the majority of people don't necessarily know how to build a breeding stand so that's why I am going to list some different places where you can buy a breeding stand from.

Watts American Pit Bull Terriers: (visit the page that says "Equipment for Sale" to view the breeding stand)

Cut Downs Kennels: (scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you're interested in buying a breeding stand from Cut Downs Kennels, e-mail them at

A & R Bulldog Supply: (head over to the "Yard Supplies/Products" page to view the breeding stand)

Freak Shop Fabrications: (scroll a bit down the page and you will see the breeding stand)

Boondock Kennels: (head over to the "Breeding Stands" page to view the breeding stand)

Built Tuff Kennels:  (you will have to contact them for the breeding stand)

Beyond Red Kennels: (head over to the "Supplies" page which is located on the left side of the computer screen on the menu of the website to view the breeding stand)

Here's a website that teaches you how to build your own breeding stand:

I hope this helps some of ya'll.


  1. Freakshopbullies, is not to be trusted I sent Eric which is the owner a 190 dollars in may of 2014 here it is Dec of 2014 and I still haven't received my breeding stand every time I talked to him he says he is working on the last four that was in June.