Saturday, May 26, 2012

Zip Lines and Cable Tie Outs

Cable tie outs are something I would never recommend for any dog. The reasons why I don't like or recommend cable tie outs are because dogs easily get tangled up, the dog can easily chew through the cable tie out and break free, they are not well built and a cable tie out is NOT a proper way to contain your dog. A tie out isn't a chain, it's a tie out. Tie outs can easily be broken. Tie outs are not a safe way to contain your dog.

Zip lines can be good and can be bad. If the zip line is properly built, it's okay to use. The zip line that would attach to your dog's collar should be a chain, not a wire. Take a look at Kershner's yard, he has all of his dogs on zip lines but the dog's collars are attached to chains:

Kershner has a nice yard and his dogs are on nice setups and have plenty of room to get around. Take a look at Keystone's yard too, look at his setup that he has for his dogs:

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