Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slat mill, Carpet mill, Treadmill

So, what's the difference between them?

Carpet mill:

* Carpet mills allow your dog to run at its own speed and the dog can stop at any time
* Carpet mills aren't as loud as slat mills are
* Carpet mills tend to not last as long as slat mills
* Depending on the dog, carpet mills tend to build muscle on dogs quicker than the slat mill. However, it depends on the dog.

Slat mill:

* Definitely worth the money and time
* The dog can run at its own speed
* Slat mills are very loud
* Slat mills last a very long time
* Slat mills are great alternative to walking/running
* Slat mills are great if you want to build confidence and muscle


* Treadmills are OK. I'd rather take the dog on a good run that put it on a treadmill but that's just me. I've never had a dog that would walk/run on a treadmill, they knew they could jump or walk off the treadmill since it didn't have any side barriers.

* The dog can't walk/run at his own speed
* Treadmills aren't as loud as the others are
* Good quality treadmills cost a lot of money. Cheap ones don't last very long
* You can turn the treadmill into an e-mill

Personally, I would get a slat mill and a carpet mill. Remember: The slat mill, carpet mill and treadmill are all three total different mills and not the same whatsoever. All mills provide different results for a dog.

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