Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Build a Chain Setup for your Pit Bull

Building a proper chain setup is important for your American Pit Bull Terrier. There are improper chain setups and there are proper chain setups. Properly chaining your dog is not cruel, improper chaining is not acceptable. This post is going to show you how to properly chain your dog.

Improper chaining:

* Never chain your dog to a tree, porch, kennel/fence, garage, etc. Never chain your dog to just "something"
* Never chain your dog anywhere where he could get tangled up or around something. Never chain your dog near a bush, tree, porch, etc. Never chain your dog where he could hang himself. Do not chain your dog close to a fence or porch because the dog could easily jump over the fence or porch and climb the fence or porch and seriously hurt or kill himself (he could hang himself)
* Never chain your dog on a cable tie-out or anything you find at a pet store. Pet store tie-outs don't last long and are not high quality
* Never attach a chain around your dog's neck and chain your dog
* Never use a choke chain or prong collar as an actual collar for your dog (this goes for everything, not just chaining)

How to properly chain your dog:

What you'll need:

* 6 lap links (3/8")
* 2 O rings
* 1 swivel (appropriate sized swivel)
* Grade 70 chain (1/2" or 1/4" or 3/8" sized chain (depends on the size of the dog) and a 12 to 20 foot chain (anywhere between 12 to 20 feet is fine)
* Car axle
* 1 axle ring
1 1/2" to 2" 4 to 5 ply dog collar (check out Shack's Working Dog Supplies for a dog collar)

The size of the chain depends on the size and strength of your dog. Puppies don't need large chains because they aren't as strong as adult dogs are. Every once in a while a chain will break but if it's a good sized/good grade of a chain, it'll last for a while. Keep in mind that chains do break so you will have to replace the chain every once in a while. The grade of the chain is more important than the size of the chain.

Here's some chain information:

A good sized chain is anywhere between 1/4", 3/8" and 5/16". The size of the chain should be anywhere between 12 to 20 feet long. 1/4" chains are good for keeping puppies on and a 3/8" and 5/16" chains are good chains for keeping adult American Pit Bull Terriers on.

How to build a chain setup in order up from ground up: axle - axle ring - 2 lap links (doubled) - chain - 2 lap links (doubled) - swivel (appropriate sized swivel) - 2 lap links (doubled) - 2 o rings (slipped around collar (doubled) - 2" 4 to 5 ply collar

Here's an example picture (for doubling and attaching):

Dig a hole about 18" - 20". Put the car axle into the hole, wet the dirt until it is a muddy consistency and pour it back into the hole. It is best to wait two or three days before putting your dog on his chain spot. The top of the car axle will need to be sticking out of the ground and will need to be out of the ground enough to where you can slip an axle ring around the axle.

Provide your dog with shelter. Put the dog house where the dog can get into it, but where he can't go around it and tangle himself up. Outside dog houses should have nice bedding such as cedar shavings and wheat straw. Replace bedding once a week or more depending on how the bedding looks and feels. If the bedding is wet or dirty, replace it.

Buckets work good to keep your dog's water in but if you have a bowl tipper or you're worried about the buckets turning over, concrete dog bowls are the best for both food and water.

Clean your dog's area once or twice a day. Scoop the poop. Rake your dog's area weekly to keep him from getting tangled up or caught on something. Keep his area clean.

Attach a cow tag to your dog's collar, it helps keep the flies away from your dog.

You can also hang garlic around the dog's chain spot. Just hang a couple garlic cloves around your dog's area and it'll keep the flies away.

Fly catchers work real good too. You can put food of your own into the fly catchers and hang them around your dog's chain spot. Don't hang them where your dog's can get to them, but hang them close enough to your dog's chain spot. They work great and they keep the flies away.

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