Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breeding Stand

Some breeders use these tools called breeding stands. A breeding stand is a stand that you strap your female bitch dog to when a breeding takes place. Male dogs will usually stay in place, but sometimes female bitches will want to get away and this can be a serious problem and pose as a threat to both dogs. Never break up a tie. A breeding stand is a stand that is used to keep the female bitch in place and to keep the two dogs from fighting. A breeding stand is a completely safe tool.

If you breed dogs, you're more than likely to come across a female bitch who just will not stand or breed with a male. You can buy a breeding stand or make your own. Making your own costs a lot less money if you know how to make one.

It is perfectly fine to muzzle your female bitch while she is strapped to the breeding stand. It keeps both the male and the bitch safe.

Here are some pictures of breeding stands in use and not in use if you're wondering what a breeding stand may be:

Photos used in this blog:

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